Virginia Fox

  My formal education in the arts include engraving, etching, painting, printmaking and graphic design, which became a natural foundation to develop abilities in the art of scrimshaw. I began my career as a Scrimshaw artist in Hawaii, producing finished works on ancient ivory.
  As a multi-medium artist, my artistic interests continue to grow; exploring and experimenting with creative processes where various disciplines meet. My focus is now centered on jewelry design and the endless possibilities working with glass.
  The concept of transforming vintage heirloom glass began about ten years ago, when deciding what to do with my grandmother's dishes. The process has evolved tremendously and I now have the opportunity to work with others in the transformation of their heirlooms so that they may be cherished once again. 
  Recently I have had the privilege to be invited as a visiting artist to work with fifth-grade students in their elementary school art class. We work with glass cut from 'necks' of vintage bottles; The circular disks, together with the childrens' beadwork embellishments are meant to represent the concept of teamwork and that when objects are used a second time, they become symbolically twice as valuable as they come full-circle. These hands-on projects convey ideas of value and perspective and it is always a great pleasure to spark the young imagination.
 Tennessee is now home; an environment rich in stunning natural beauty and continues to be an inspiration in my work.